Best Poster Awards 2023

26th ETH Nanoparticles Conference (NPC)

June 20-22, 2023

Every year Best Poster Awards are presented for the most accomplished poster presentations of the ETH Nanoparticles Conference. The ETH-NPC poster committee evaluates all posters on their design, clarity of the presentation and their scientific content. The scientific content score weighs 50% of total score, the other two 25% each.

Best Poster Award Committee

  • PD Dr. Loretta Müller
  • Dr. Konstantina Vasilatou
  • Dr. Oliver F. Bischof (Awards Chair)
  • Prof. em. Dr. Heinz Burtscher
  • Prof. em. Dr. Peter Gehr
  • Dr. Martin Gysel
  • Prof. Dr. Barbara Rothen-Rutishauser
  • Dr. Martin Stöckli

The three winners of the Best Poster Awards of the 26th ETH Nanoparticles Conference were announced during a dedicated awards ceremony in front of the entire online audience on Thursday, June 22nd. The committee once again recognized the three best poster presentations with award certificates and prize money. The winner of the best-rated poster received SFr 600 (approx. $675 U.S.), the second place SFr 400 (approx. $450) and the third place SFr 200 (approx. $225).


The winners of this year's Best Poster Awards were:
1st Prize


Alexandre Barth, University of Basel, Switzerland
Online Measurements of Oxidative Potential and Particle-bound Reactive Oxygen Species of Aircraft Turbine and Ship Engine Particulate Emissions.


2nd Prize


Ayush Agarwal, PSI & EPFL, Switzerland
Size resolved elemental analysis of bimetallic nanoparticles using SMPS-ICPMS. (pdf)


3rd Prize


Dr. Silvana Di Iorio, STEMS – CNR, Italy Brake wear particles: effects of braking intensity, frequency and temperature. (pdf)


Many congratulations to these three authors of the best posters of 2023!

Thank you also to all poster presenters at this year's ETH Nanoparticles Conference, which represent a vital part of the conference program. Please remember this competition and submit your posters again for presentation at the 27th ETH-NPC in 2024!