25th ETH-Conference on Combustion Generated Nanoparticles

June 21-23, 2022, online

Focus Event: New Legislation to Guide the World

Conference Website: https://npc22.scg.ch

The ETH-Conference on Combustion Generated Nanoparticles (#ETHNPC2022) in 2022 was again organized as an online conference under the auspice of the Swiss Chemical Society. It served as an interdisciplinary platform for expert discussions on all aspects of nanoparticles, freshly emitted from various sources, aged in ambient air, technical mitigation aspects, impact of particles on health, environment and climate and particle legislation. The conference brought together representatives from research, industry and legislation.

Conference Topics

  • Aircraft, marine and other non-road sources
  • Ambient air particles, secondary pollutants
  • Biomass-, biofuel- and synfuel combustion
  • Brake- and tyre-wear, non-combustion emissions
  • Emission control of combustion engines
  • Emission upgrade and PTI for in-use vehicles
  • Environmental and health effects
  • Exhaust aftertreatment systems
  • Future legislation and enforcement
  • Impact on climate
  • Nanoparticle formation and transformation
  • Nanoparticle metrology and chemical characterization
  • Nanoparticle chemistry and toxicology
  • Occupational exposure and prevention

Focus Event: New Legislation to Guide the World

The World Health Organization air quality guidelines, European vehicle and engine legislation, national clean air acts, and periodic technical inspection (PTI) legislation have become key elements of international and national clean air policy. With no doubt, the implementation of catalytic converter technologies and better fuels, compatible with such technologies, were major steps to reduce emissions of combustion engines.
The 2022 focus event discussed the next legislative steps to take and the challenges to tackle with new fuels and new engine and vehicle technologies, to further reduce the impact of air pollution on health and global warming.

Health Session

The health session focused on the effects of aircraft-/airport and wood smoke/wildfire related emissions.

e-Papers and e-Posters

All contributions (including pdf and mp4 video files of talks, posters and abstracts) are published on the conference website.

Scientific and Organizing Committee

See contacts page.

Further Information

Dr. Norbert Heeb (Empa), norbert.heeb@empa.ch,

Organized by

NPC-association, a registered non-profit organization

Under the Auspices of

FOEN (Federal Office for the Environment), SCS (Swiss Chemical Society) and ETH



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Conference-Flyer 2022 (pdf)

Flyer & Invitation: 25th ETH-Conference on Combustion Generated Nanoparticles, June 21 to 23, 2022 (online conference), Switzerland. Focus Event: New Legislation to Guide the World.